083018 Frogville Radio Show KBAC Santa Fe, NM USA

Since 2003 Frogville records and Frogville Studios have been capturing the magic of music played live in the big room at Frogville studios. John has been hosting the Frogville Radio show since 2006 at 98.1fm KBAC showcasing local musicians, touring musicians and the music of Frogville records. Frogville's big room can hold an entire band plus 35-40 fans/ticket holders and record your band live in front of an audience with studio quality analog gear before it gets turned to one's and zero's.

www.santafe.com/kbac live stream
www.frogvillestudio.com record your music live in the big room
www.frogvillemusic.comĀ  buy some music
www.frogvillePlanet.com mothership under construction

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